The new Cryocare® opens up a wide new field for safe and reliable treatment in CryoCosmetic applications. The skin indications are aging spots, pigmentatious moles and hemangioma.

In Cryocare® the cold is generated electrically by a Peltier element and kept at a constant level of -32°C on the applicator tip. The only operating costs are those for energy consumption. The technical side of the device is simple, clear and easily ope-rated by the user.

The device guarantees a constant operating temperature of -32 °C and thus makes the application of cold quick with exact dosing and localisation, with reproducible therapeutical results. The device works with-out cooling agent, i. e. without FCH and without connection to water. The device is ready for opera-tion after 5 minutes. The simple and safe handling saves time and allows delegation of the treatment.

Cryo applicator set Consists of As adaptors for larger or smaller skin areas:

8 x 8 mm square,

10 x 10 mm square,

7,5 x 1 mm slit,

9,5 mm round,

2,6 mm round.

Operating temperature: -32°C +/- 15% 

Timer: 0 – 99 sec 

Mains voltage: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz 

Power consumption: max 140 VA

Class of protection: I (IEC 601) 

Degree of protection: B (IEC 601) 

Class of equipment: IIa acc. To MDD 

Dimensions: 360 x 270 x 350 mm (B x H x T) 

Weight: 10,4 kg 

Warranty period: 24 months 


Šifra: UREDA0008


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